Press Pass Information For Clients

Press Pass Information

In order to ensure your Press Pass runs as smoothly as possible, there is some information we need to tell you
about beforehand. Download the pdf information here or read on below.

What Happens at a Press Pass?

We’re running your labels for the first time and you have an opportunity to approve the label before we start
the run. For example you might want to approve a colour or a varnish effect. We’ll be able to make changes
while you are here and then we’ll ask you to sign off the final version.

Prior to the day

In order to ensure we are well prepared prior to your arrival, please could you advise us in advance of the
following details.

  • PMS Colours
  • Samples to match to eg caps, packaging, previous labels
  • Parts of the design you may wish to change

You’ll be allocated a date and an approximate time for the press pass. We’ll do our best to keep to that time but
we may be a little early or late as it depends on how the jobs have gone prior to your one. We allow 30 mins per
press pass.

Additional Charges

Time after 1 hour may be charged. The charge rates are either $200 per hour or $350 per hour, depending upon
the press that must be used.
If there are changes made at your press pass, sometimes additional plates or screens may need to be made.
These will be charged at the same rate as in your quote. We will advise you as we go what additional charges are
going to be incurred.

Design on Press

We’re happy to design on press in cases where you are unsure of what you may want. The chargeout rates will
be either $200 or $350 per hour, depending on the press used.


You’ll need to wear close-toed shoes in order to be allowed on our Production Floor. We have some safety shoes
available in limited sizes if you forget.


If you are unsure about the process or have any questions at all, please contact your Account Manager or call our
Customer Services Hub on 0800 865 223.