The Hub

Customer Services Hub & Sales Support

Hattie is in the Hub, weekdays 8.00am - 5.30pm
And our Sales Support Team Laura, Ange, Ariella, Amy, Tina, and Valerie, weekdays 8.00am - 5.30pm

Hub Direct Line (Auckland) 4141730
Call Free to the Hub 0800-865223

Or you can dial them directly on:
Hattie Jones DDI 09-4141714
Debbie Breedt DDI 09-4141738

Sales Support:
Angela Hamill DDI 09-4141713
Amy Callon DDI 09-4141705
Ariella Hastings DDI 09-3948854

Tina Crooks DDI 09-3948855
Valerie Ashton DDI 09-4141703

Customer Services Team Leader:
Laura Sarten DDI 09-4141726

Hub Fax (Auckland) 4141701
Nationwide Fax Free to the Hub 0800-252235


Hub phone +64-9-4141730
Hub fax +64-9-4141701