Marketing Labels

Marketing Labels

Labels can be a powerful carrier of messages and most companies use labels at some stage for marketing purposes.

Examples of marketing labels include:

  • Sale/Discount/Pricing Labels
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Country of Origin Labels
  • Special Offer
  • Coupons and Freebie Offer Labels
  • Award Labels
  • Campaign Labels
  • Free Gift Inside Labels
  • Text & Phone Promo Labels

Often removability is a key issue for marketing labels – there is nothing worse than a temporary label which refuses to go away. Rapid Labels has a range of removable base stocks to select from.

Please have your marketing staff or agency contact one of our Account Managers who specialise in marketing labels:


David Millington 027-4980421


Richard Royston 09-4141737, 027-5238525

Hamilton/BOP/Hawkes Bay

Brent Craven 07-8509066, 027-6027666


Heather Nash 027-4823399

South Island

Stephen Coleman 03-5795505, 027-2487888

Gavin McQuoid 027-5996863