Digital Labels

Digital - a new option

Up until recently there were three technologies in the world of label printing; letterpress, flexo and offset. A fourth technology has now reached the point where the quality of print has risen and the price of the machinery has decreased. It is now a viable option to invest in digital technology.

It's not possible, certainly not in a small country such as New Zealand, to produce all  customer label requirements on a digital press. Medium to large runs are still best run flexo, and the robustness of conventional printing is superior to digital. However, it is certainly compulsory to now have a digital machine as a complementary member of a wider portfolio of kit. The ability to print multiple types without large set-up costs is a key driver of the need to install digital kit.

There are two ways of printing digital, using inkjet or toner. Both have pros and cons and again, in a small country such as New Zealand, where we must cater to a broad cross section of clients, we are increasingly finding that one machine does not fit all needs.

At Rapid, we've covered all bets. We have both a digital inkjet press (installed in March 2013) and we're currently installing a toner press (March 2015).

The type of work digital presses specialise in include:

  • Multi-variety specialty foods
  • Boutique healthcare with multiple varieties
  • FMCG product sampling and store trials
  • Short run honey
  • Vitamins/supplements with multiple types
  • Variable numbering for promotions
  • Micro wine batches
  • Magnum wine (1.5L large labels)
  • Variable numbering for wine
  • Variable numbering for logistics
  • Events and Trade Shows - names, product, stand numbers
  • Designers - new product development
  • Back numbering for pharmaceuticals
  • Base label overprinting

Take a look at the Digital Inkjet and Digital Toner pages for more information on the capability of our digital equipment.