Responsible Stocks

Over time we are developing a portfolio of stocks that are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner.


This is touted as the world's most environmentally friendly paper. It is tree free; the primary content is waste rock being a by-product of the building industry.

The stock is waterproof, recyclable, FDA approved and ROHS and REACH compliant. Rockstock has a low CO2 profile as it uses relatively little energy and no water in the production process. No bleaches or acids are used, no effluent is produced and all trimmings are recycled.

The product has a synthetic feel and it is very strong. It is excellent for food grade use and you can even write on it while it is wet.

Rockstock is photo-degradeable which means it breaks down if left in direct sunlight. After one year the paper will harden up and crack and eventually return to stone powder again. It can then be recycled as a filler in plastics.

We've been producing white wine labels on rockstock. Click here for an article in the NZ Printer magazine from February 2011. Or take a look at

We've got printed samples of the material - call the hub on 0800 865 223 to get one sent out.


This is a matt, white, uncoated laser product which is made from 100% recycled fibres. It is manufactured without chlorine bleaching and is manufactured under the EMS ISO14001. Our supplier is UPM Raflatac.

We've got A4 samples of this material, call us to get one sent out today, 0800 865 223 .