About Rapid Labels

Rapid Labels

Our primary goal is to create a thriving, world-class labels business, and we're getting there.

We aim to earn the unqualified respect of our clients and the industry we operate in.

In September 2009 we were thrilled to reach the milestone of 250 New Zealand Wine Producer clients. In April 2011 we achieved our next target of 300.

One of our goals has been to pass $2 million sales in a calendar month, and we're very pleased to say that in September 2009, we also achieved that.
Our next milestone was NZ$20million annual sales and we nailed that in May 2010. Our current sales target is NZ$24million.
We're not sure when we'll get there, but we also aspire to win the dispensary label business from 650 Pharmacies nationwide. Let's see how we go, and we'll report in on our progress (currently 573).

Most companies keep their performance details in the strictest confidence, which is fair enough. But because you tend to get what you wish for - we're having quite good success with being open with our objectives.

More than any other, our priority is to keep our staff safe, busy and connected. If we can get that right, the other stakeholders can probably be attended to along the way.